Hifumi Coach is a corporation founded in 2016 by the head of the company, has no employees, and a capital of 123 yen. For each project, external project managers are recruited and business is developed based on coaching.

All businesses are operated online.

Although our staff members live in Japan, America, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, etc., we rarely meet up.

This is a global company with no employees, no office, and only one CEO.


Company Name Hifumi Coach Inc.
CEO Inemi Akita
Capital 123 JPY
Founded/Established Founded: 2016
Established: October 6, 2017
Company Locations * Head Office:
Iwamura-cho 217, Ena-shi, Gifu
509-7403, JAPAN

* Staff Office:
Yamatedori 1-17-1, Chambord Yamate A-101,
Showa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi,
466-0815, JAPAN

1.Business objective will be to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and society; not profit maximization.
2.Financial and economic sustainability
3.Investors get back their investment amount only. No dividend is given beyond investment money
4.When investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement
5.Gender sensitive and environmentally conscious
6.Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions
7….do it with joy
Content of our business 1. Management of cram schools related to career education for elementary school student, junior high school students, high school students, and university students
2. Planning, production and sales of teaching materials related to communication education
3. Training and support for individuals and companies through coaching sessions and educational seminars
4. Planning, development and production of online educational systems
5. Planning, editing, writing, production, publication and sales of books and educational publications
6. All business incidental or related to the previous items
History – 2016: launch of short seminars using Zoom
– January 2017: launch of a global community, Kigyo Hifumi Juku, using Zoom
– January 2018: launch of a professional coaching education program using Zoom
Since then, many businesses have been launched.
Contact EMAIL: info(at)123-coach.com
Registered trademarks – Hifumi Coach (Register No. 6644327)
– IKIGAI Researcher (Register No. 6304800)
– IKIGAI Map (Register No. 6170860)
– LIFE SHIFT practitioner (Register No. 6568303)
Certification YUNUS Social Business Company